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Yoga - Hatha Yoga/Personal Yoga English (INDOOR)
verantwortlich: Annette Guzman

The Personal Yoga concept relies on a lot of exercise support from the instructor
during the course.

In these classes you will receive above-average verbal guidance and more support in the execution of the exercises. This is achieved through the use of selected yoga aids in the asanas and an additional teacher, so that the teacher has more time for individual guidance in the room. With this concept your individual yoga development will be improved enormously. A yoga class that is built from the ground up to teach the fundamental principles for an effective asana practice. This class is designed for beginners who are looking for techniques with a beneficial effect on the body and mind as well as for the experienced who want to focus on the underlying principles before turning to further stages. The class is finished with a deep relaxation practice. At the end of the class there is an opportunity to ask questions.

It is recommended to also attend Yoga Meditation (english) , hosted directly before this course.


  • Locker rooms and showers are available. However, showing up in sportswear is still strongly recommended.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing.
  • The yoga classes are NOT suitable for pregnant women, as yoga exercises have a systemic effect. Also in early pregnancy special pregnancy classes should be preferred
4400Beginner and advancedMo18:00-19:30beFIT19.02.-25.03.Dennis Nandi Mitra Zimmermann
18/ 29/ 36/ 41 €
18 EUR
für Statusgruppe 1

29 EUR
für Statusgruppe 2

36 EUR
für Statusgruppe 3

41 EUR
für Statusgruppe 4

One time sportsclass:

ET4400Beginner and advancedMo18:00-19:30beFIT19.02.-25.03.Dennis Nandi Mitra Zimmermann
6/ 8/ 9/ 10 €
für Statusgruppe 1

für Statusgruppe 2

für Statusgruppe 3

10 EUR
für Statusgruppe 4