Yoga - Meditation English (INDOOR)
verantwortlich: Annette Guzman

"Relax, be aware, meditate

This course will help you to relax, to increase your awareness and to look within to know yourself. Meditation is the vehicle which takes one on an inner trip, without the requirement to buy a ticket. The ticket is one’s mind. Prerequisites to meditation are relaxation and awareness, hence facilitating those will be an essential part of the course as well as ancient yogic and tantric techniques for sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation. Basic experience in Meditation or Yoga isn’t required but Hatha Yoga practice would certainly help.

It is recommended to also attend Yoga - Hatha Yoga English (INDOOR), hosted directly before this course.


  • Für den Kursbetrieb und die jeweiligen Sportstätten gelten folgende COVID-19-Verhaltensregeln.
  • The course is also suitable for people with little knowledge of the language. The course is held with clear, slow and distinct language.
4400Anfänger und ForgeschritteneMo19:40-20:40beFIT15.08.-10.10.Dennis Nandi Mitra Zimmermann
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