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ZUU (English)
verantwortlich: Antonia Jakobs

ZUU is a bodyweight training that will challenge you in a completely unique form. Developed by Nathan Helberg in Australia, ZUU has its origin in elite sports and armed forces and has quickly become an integral part of these sectors. Following this, ZUU also quickly found its way into the commercial world of fitness.

Give ZUU a try and experience its countless benefits: the training is based on functional movements that increase flexibility, prevent injuries and enable full body mobilization.Training based on high-intensity blocks will at the same time keep challenging you and quickly lead you to undiscovered muscular, conditional and mental boundaries.

ZUU can be adapted to suit any fitness level and is therefore suitable for everyone! But most importantly: ZUU is about people and comes with a truly unique culture of inclusion, support and inspiring team spirit.

Come along, experience it yourself and become part of the group.

KursnrOffer No.DetailsDetailTagDayZeitTimeOrtLocationZeitraumDurationLeitungGuidancePreisCostBuchungBooking
4310Anfänger und FortgeschritteneMi19:15-20:15N.P., Haus 12, Halle 121.10.-09.02.Eva Eibl
8/ 13/ 15/ 20 €
für Statusgruppe 1

13 EUR
für Statusgruppe 2

15 EUR
für Statusgruppe 3

20 EUR
für Statusgruppe 4