Meditation before sleep (ONLINE)
verantwortlich: Annette Guzman

Healthy sleep has more to do with quality of rest than quantity of hours. After a busy day it can be difficult to let go and return to a state of inner calm.

The guided practice creates the inner conditions for a restful night, allowing to release stress and clear the mind while simultaneously resting the body.

This meditation is based on yoga nidra (yogic sleep) technique and is intended for everyone.


  • Please have a sitting cushion or a block and a light blanket ready.
  • You can find instructions for using the chat software ZOOM here.
  • Please make sure to provide a valid email address when booking.
  • The access data for the weekly ZOOM meeting can be found at the bottom right of your registration confirmation, please save it separately.
  • The course is also suitable for people with little knowledge of the language. The course is held with clear, slow and distinct language.
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